DaPonte Managment Services

A Firm Foundation

DaPonte Management Services Ltd., has assembled all the strategic components of a successful property management company: Recognized leadership, a large and growing real estate footprint and extensive hands-on experience.

The company's market niche is Southern Ontario, where the company actively manages 11 high quality properties strategically located proximate to key infrastructure within the vibrant business communities of Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough.

As a mid-sized property management company, DaPonte combines the flexibility, personal service and competitive rates of smaller firms with the depth of knowledge and experience often found only in firms many times its size.

Leadership from the top

DaPonte is backed by a strong management team led by Duarte Daponte, a seasoned expert with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the real estate management industry. Before founding DaPonte in 1993, Mr. Daponte held a number of strategic roles within the real estate industry, working with multinational firms such as InduCon Development Corporation and ManuLife Financial

Developing alliances that build on the company's strengths has been one of DaPonte's operating principles since its inception. To this end, the company has formed a strategic alliance with Blackwood Partners Inc., a leading real estate asset management company with several decades of expertise owning, developing, acquiring and divesting properties throughout North America.

Through this partnership, DaPonte is now entering a major phase of expansion as the company oversees the construction and leasing of the first of three new office towers.

Strong Track Record

DaPonte's success is best measured by its strong track record. The company boasts a 100% tenant retention rate and aperates all of its buildings at full capacity.

Tenant Retention

"Our dedication to service means we are able to retain all of our tenants with the sole exception of those with expansion needs we can't accommodate at the present time."
- Duarte DaPonte

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